Facts about Iguazu Falls

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Wonders of Nature have always been an eye catching sight for the beauty lovers. One such sight is the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. These falls have some very interesting facts that the people might not know. Let us have a glimpse!

Fact 1:

The Iguazu falls total in a number of 275 falls that are spread along the Iguazu River at about 2.7 kilometers. (T.S, 2010)

Fact 2:

Currently, the Iguazu Falls have the greatest average annual flow of water. This is more than any other waterfall in the world. (T.S, 2010)

Fact 3:

If you measure the surface water flow over the entire falls, the Iguazu Falls are doubling larger than the famous Niagara Falls.

Fact 4:

A local legend states that once a handsome god planned to marry a beautiful young girl forcefully. She however managed to escape with her human lover through the river. The God, angry and outrageous, split the river into two and created the dangerous water falls so that they would die in the extreme pressure of water. (Marsea Nelson, 2011)

Fact 5:

There are about 2000 species of plants in the rain forests surrounding the Iguazu falls. (Marsea Nelson, 2011)

Fact 6:

An interesting fact about the Iguazu Falls is that when the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt saw it for the first time, she exclaimed, ‘œPoor Niagara!’ (Marsea Nelson, 2011)

Fact 7:

Iguazu is a word from the Native American language and it means ‘œBig Water’. This, I think is no surprise keeping the size of the falls in mind. (Ayna, 2011)

Fact 8:

At a single point along the brink of the Iguazu Falls, you stand up and look around, you find yourself encircled by 260 degrees of the falls. (Ayna, 2011)

Fact 9:

The Iguazu Falls present best picturesque site in fall and spring seasons. Here the summers are hot and humid while winters come with a low water level. (Bonnie)

Fact 10:

Iguazu Falls separate two famous national parks in two different countries, the Iguazu National Park in Argentina and the Iguazu National Park in Brazil.

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