Facts about Iberian Peninsula

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The Iberian Peninsula is present south west of Europe, it includes states of Spain, angora, Portugal and also the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Its area is 596,740 sq. km. or 222000 sq. miles.it is separated from rest of Europe by Pyrenees. On its north and west, it is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, while on south and east by Mediterranean Sea. It is separated by the continent of Africa by the strait of gibraltar.it is the most western peninsula present in Europe, the others being Italian and Balkan peninsulas. It is the second largest peninsula in Europe.

Fact 1- Its name is acquired from the people that inhabited this place before Greeks. Greeks used to call the Iberians which itself is taken from one of the river of this peninsula called Iberus or Ebro. These people were previously thought to migrate from Africa, but now it is speculated they in fact came from east Mediterranean. The Iberians followed their own culture until 4 the Iberians followed their own culture until 4th century. With the Celtic and Carthaginian migration, their culture gradually vanished and when Romans overpowered Spain, their culture dominated here.

Fact 2- The dominant weathers of Iberian Peninsula include summer, winter with a short humid period.

Fact 3- The Iberian Peninsula is greatly covered by a central plateau called Meseta, its average height ranges up to 2000ft or 610 meters. It covers approximately two-third of peninsula. Mountains surround this plateau with the Iberian mountains in northeast, the sierra morena in south, the Cantabria Mountains in north and low mountains in west alongside Portugal border. This plateau is primarily agricultural.

Fact 4- The Iberian mountain system is almost 400 kilometers long / 250 miles. It stretches along northeastern border of the central plateau (Meseta). The highest mountain peak that is present in this system is Moncayo. It ranges up to 7590 ft. or 2313 meters. This mountain system gives rise to many side streams.

Fact 5- Ebro river valley is present between Pyrenees and Iberian mountains and extends to Mediterranean Sea.

Fact 6- The five major rivers of this peninsula are Ebro, Duero, Tajo, Guadiana, and Guadalquivir.

Fact 7- The smaller rivers include Mino, Elsa, Pisuerga, Jarama, Jalon, Jucar,Segura and Genil.

Fact 8- The languages spoken in Iberian Peninsula are Basque, Catalan, Portuguese, Castilian, Galician and Spanish.

Fact 9- Gibraltar, a finger like extension of the Iberian Peninsula is occupied by British and considered the strength of British navy. It is known as the rock. Greeks considered this as Pillars of Hercules and they marked it as their boundary of sailing. Gibraltar was actually named after a Muslim Jabal tarik, who conquered it but it was taken back by Spain,(700 years later). Gibraltar has its own government save defense and foreign relations. Its population is almost 28000. It is a major tourist attraction with Europa light house as its main appeal. Though Spain still claim this land as its own, but the people rejected it twice, first in 1967 and second in 2002.

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