Facts about Hungary

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Hungary, or the Hungarian Republic is located in the East Central Europe and has an area of 90,030 square kilometers. With Budapest as its capital it has a total population of approximately 10 million people. Here are some interesting facts about a country that apparently seems quite boring.

Fact no 1: Hungary, just like its neighbors was a component of the Celtic world, also known as the Roman Empire. When the roman empire fell the Huns laid claim to the land of Pannonia and thus came the rise of the nation named Hungary.  It is thus known as one of the oldest nations in the world, it was found even before France and Germany.

Fact no 2: Magyar is the official name of the Hungarian language. This language has been descended down from the language spoken by the Huns. Contrary to what believe, this language is not described as an Indo-European Language.

Fact no 3: There is an overwhelming majority of Hungarian Speakers who reside in areas adjoining Hungary, such people are mostly found in Romania. This goes to show just how prevalent this language actually is.

Fact no 4: The name Hungary might fool you into believing that it is a place for Asian inhabitants. A survey was conducted using DNA tests, and it was found out that people of Asian descent only made up a very small fraction of Hungary’s actually population.

Fact no 5: Once upon a time, the entire Hungarian Kingdom was one of the largest states in all of Europe. It was even bigger than France. Due to its expanse and the way it shaped it became to be known as “two eagle heads” of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom.

Fact no 6: Hungary has since its inception made quite a lot of waves politically too. Hungary was amongst those very few countries who had the means and the wits to go against the Soviet rule when the Cold War was about to begin. This took place around the same time as the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Almost 30 years on, a Hungarian grand prix was organized. This was the first ever race that was held behind the Iron Curtain. 3 years later, in 1989, Hungary was one of the communist countries that opened its doors of friendly relations and trade with the Western half of Europe.

Fact no 7: Hungary is renowned for being one of those very few countries that have a huge list of inventors amongst its general population. Some of the most famous inventions that the Hungarian provided the world with include the ever fascinating, sometimes frustrating; Rubik’s cube. The krypton electronic bulb and the noiseless match are two other products that have gained international fame and recognition. Holography and the ball point pen were both made by Hungarians who ran away from Hungary before the beginning of World War II. Other notable inventions without which the present world would not be in its current state of dominance is the theory of the hydrogen bomb and the BASIC language used for programming.

Fact no 8: Hungary is also known for its passionate athletes. There are only five countries who have won more medals than Hungary has in the summer Olympics.  It has a total of 448 medals and is ranked at number 9th amongst the 211 nations that participate in the Olympic Games.

Fact no 9: 13 Hungarians have till date received the Nobel prizes for their inventions or contribution to different field of academics.

Fact no 10: On a tragic note, it has been verified that amongst the European countries Hungary has the highest death rate due to cancer and has the greatest number of women who commit suicide.

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