Facts About Human Behavior

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Human behavior is interesting and unpredictable. At every step you meet someone with a special character and behavior that is absolutely his/her personalized expressions of different feelings. The world is full of men with innumerable thoughts and ideas, beliefs and cultures. And each individual behaves differently from the other. However, there are certain behaviors that are common in almost all humans.

Fact 1 What Is Behavior?

Behavior is the expression of emotions and thoughts of all living beings. Body language and facial expressions play an important role in portraying the inner feelings and thoughts. When there is a feeling of satisfaction and confidence, your behavior is positive and expressions are natural. This type of normal behavior is easy to understand. But negative feelings are not always expressed through behavior. Some people are extremely pessimistic and do not express themselves especially when they are not well from the inside. But if you know a person well and understand him and his nature, you can easily detect that something is wrong from his behavior.

Fact 2 Human Behavior Is Spontaneous

Human behavior brings out the feelings that are inside an individual. Just as no one can force you to cry without reasons, similarly you will not smile when others say. You behave according to your feelings and mental disposition. If you are successful in something you feel happy and contented. Your face glows and you rush out in haste to inform your near and dear ones. This behavior is quite common and feelings of joy are mostly expressed that is visible to all. You smile and sing because you wish to and nobody dictates you to do so.

In the same way when you are upset and worried and do not want others to know about your problems, you try to stay cool and composed without giving vent to your feelings through behavior. Even if anyone tries to know about your problems and you do not wish to say anything. Behavior is always controlled by man himself and not an outsider.

Fact 3 Common Human Behaviors

Man is a unique creation of God and so no one person is like another. Yet there are certain elements and characteristics that are expressed in common ways by all men. Some of the most common human behaviors are:

  • People are often attracted towards beautiful appearance and so it is human nature to trust him/her and therefore behave well in front of the person. Whereas, a shabby or ill-clad person is hardly respected even if he/she may be actually truthful and honest and beautiful inside.
  • Humans try to behave well in front of their elders and superiors especially at the workplaces and try to be very efficient at everything. But humans are not multi-taskers. The brain can concentrate fully only on one objective at a time.
  • Progress and success often motivates an individual to accelerate his/her behavior. When you near to your goal and destination, behavior changes and you feel more enthusiastic to do better and work harder.
  • Humans feel happy when they get attention and love especially when it comes with a small gift.
  • When someone watches you, you put on your best behavior. Even if you see a picture of the human eyes, you unknowingly feel that someone is watching you and so your behavior changes.
  • People who lack self-confidence and self-respect often behave rudely towards others. It is their nature to demean others and always blame others for their own failures.
  • Your behavior is ruled by the surrounding or the ground on which you stand. If you are strong and confident about yourself, you will behave normally and accept things as they are.

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