Facts About Horses

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Fact 1: The first horse is named Hyracotherium which lived about 50 million years ago. The first horse was tall and had toes.

Fact 2: The horse breed from Russia is called Akhal-Teke. This horse can live for a few days without food or water. The horse belongs to the Equus family.

Fact 3: The age of the horse can be determined by counting the number of teeth it has. The entire number of teeth a horse has are completely in place in five years, and the teeth just elongate after that.

Fact 4: The female horse is known as a mare. Mares will determine the time for the herd to migrate in order to get food. A pony is a full-grown, small horse and not a baby horse.

Fact 5: Stallion is the male horse, and generally one stallion will live with one herd. The hoof of the horse is similar to a fingernail. The growing nail has to be clipped so that it is not painful for the horse.

Fact 6: The marking on the forehead of the horse is called a star. There are several breeds of horses in North America and one of them is Mustang.

Fact 7: Horses will have the capacity to communicate their feelings through their facial expressions. The nostrils, ears, and eyes are used specifically to indicate their mental state. A horse that is about to attack will have ears at the back and flared nostrils.

Fact 8: Horseshoes are made by a person called a farrier. The farrier also claps the horse’s hooves to stop them from growing.

Fact 9: The movement of a horse is seen in four ways. They are cantering, walking, trotting, and galloping. The fastest gait is galloping.

Fact 10: The height of a horse is measured in hands where one hand is equal to four inches.

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