Facts About Honey

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Honey, a golden brown sweet thick paste is a food prepared by the honey bees from the nectar of the flowers and stored in their combs which is then extracted and consumed by humans. It is the best alternative of white sugar and is rich in sweetness. This supersaturated solution of water contains only 17.1% water and gets its sweetness from fructose and glucose. Other constituents of honey include proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in minute quantities in addition to enzymatic and ono enzymatic antioxidants. There are numerous health related benefits of this sweet compound that has been a source of energy and good health for people from ancient times.

Some of the most amazing facts regarding honey however are as followed.

Fact 1:

Honey is the outcome of tireless job of honey bees. It is estimated that honey bees visit approximately 225,000 flowers every day. To make 1 pound of honey, a bee must visit 2 million flowers and travel for 55,000 miles. If a honey bee is fed with two table spoons of honey, it can travel around the world once.

Fact 2:

Honey is said to be the only source of food that alone is enough to sustain live. It has all the necessary components needed by the body for energy. Aside from vitamins, minerals and enzymes, honey has certain antioxidants that help in the proper function of the brain. It has been the source of healing and curing diseases in many areas anciently and even today it is regarded as a means of preventing diseases.

Fact 3:

Honey is that one miraculous food that never gets bad in taste and does not allow the growth of bacteria because of the water and sugar proportion in it. It is stated that Egyptians found jars of honey as old as 2000 years in the tombs that still tasted delicious and sweet. So a pure form of honey has no defined shelf life and can even out live you.

Fact 4:

Honey has been proved to make an excellent medicine for cough, so good that World Health Organization refers to it as demulcent, a substance that relieves the irritation of mouth and forms a protective layer. It is also beneficial in curing the upper respiratory tract infections in children.

Fact 5:

Treating and healing wounds is one of the most desired characteristic of honey. It has antibacterial, antifungal as well as antioxidant properties making it useful in a variety of pathological conditions. Manuka honey is a kind that is used for treating burns and dressing.

Fact 6:

Itching and the problem of dandruff have also been proved to be relieved to a great extent using honey. The procedure is to mix honey in warm water and apply it for 4 weeks on your scalp every day. All of the people who were experimented with this solution showed a positive result.

Fact 7:

A table spoon of honey boosts your energy to the same amount as a healthy meal after good hours of sleep. This particularly helps athletes who need a quick energy boost and that too for longer durations.

Fact 8:

Raw pollen helps build up your natural immunity. The honey collected from bee hives contains pollen and allergens which are collected from various flowers. These allergens when introduced in body help stimulate your natural immunity.

Fact 9:

The only people who should be a little careful about the quantity of honey they consume are the people who have insulin resistance as an overdose of fructose in the body can worsen the insulin resistance and decrease insulin sensitivity.

Fact 10:

Although considered as full of sweetness and sugar, honey can actually help you lose weight. A mixture of honey and cinnamon in water after is has been boiled should be taken every day before breakfast and before going to sleep and you will the difference in weeks.

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