Facts About Homework

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Much has been debated about the implementation of homework in schools.  Almost all students in school have different kinds of homework from various subjects. Some of these take-home assignments involve simple tasks and a little research while others require a lot of time and effort.  The following are some facts related to the implementation of homework in schools:

Fact 1:  Homework improves memory and overall knowledge of a person.  When students are given assignments to take home, they will basically acquire more knowledge and skills because of the extra work they need to do when doing them.

Fact 2:  The implementation of homework will also help students learn the value of time management.  With pending assignments, students will be able to practice having to allocate time for important tasks before they can engage in other activities.

Fact 3:  Homework also teaches lessons about preparation and practice. Young people are always taught that practice makes perfect and that preparation is needed to succeed at various things in life. With take-home assignments, students will learn the value of preparing before an exam and reviewing lessons in order to get better scores.

Fact 4:  Homework will yield to more responsible students.  Having tasks to do at home will remind students that they also have a purpose and something to contribute in order to succeed in school.  With tasks assigned to them, a sense of responsibility will be developed among students.

Fact 5:  Having homework is also a means of learning extension. The home becomes an application environment for all the knowledge and skills acquired at school.  Lessons at school may also be applied to different scenarios and this can only be done through homework.

Fact 6:  Parent involvement improves with homework.  Many parents of students will also get more engaged with their young sons and daughters because of assignments that they might need help with.  For many parents, these moments are not only practical for the student’s educational needs but also serves as a family bonding moment that may not happen often if there is no homework to discuss or do.

Fact 7:  Too much homework may become counter-productive.  There may be so much positive effectst that take-home assignments can give but having too much of them can also cause a decline in grades or overall knowledge.  This is often attributed to feelings of stress and discouragement with so many school-related things to do at home.

Fact 8:  Extra homework may also lead to depression.  Students can basically handle a healthy amount of extra school task to be done at home. When the homework overburdens the student, he/she may not be able to cope positively and instead lose enthusiasm for study and eventually go into depression.

 Fact 9:  Homework may lead to sleep deprivation.  Some teachers abuse the value of homework by forcing students to study or prepare projects at home that require long hours and often sleepless nights.

Fact 10:  Some developmental needs of students may not be met or satisfied because of homework.  Students are young people that need to grow on various aspects including socially and physically. When there is too much homework, many kids will not have time to socialize or engage in sports for example which are also essential for their development.

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