Facts about HMV

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HMV is a way businesses determine the probability of an event or occurrence. The HMV is a calculating system based on relative facts concerning a certain geographical location, in addition to criteria related to the probability of a past event occurring again.

Fact 1: HMV probability of the recurrence of certain types of cancer, most commonly used as a way to forecast the future based on a patient’s medical reports and history.

Fact 2: HMV probability of an outbreak of certain forms of disease, based on criteria obtained, for a particular geographical location.

Fact 3: HMV probability of an impending storm, such as: a hurricane, or tornado, based on information obtained from a threatened location.

Fact 4: HMV probability of a war, based on a specific geographic location.

Fact 5: HMV probability of a recession, due to specific financial criteria, such as: unemployment rates rising above normal and stock prices falling.

Fact 6: HMV probability used in business, to forecast the financial success probability of a specific location.

Fact 7: HMV probability to determine which age groups of children could be affected by a child-hood disease, such as: chicken pox, or measles.

Fact 8: HMV probability to determine which senior citizens will require assistance from a long term care facility.

Fact 9: HMV probability used to determine a chosen career field’s success as well as pay range, based on criteria related to that profession, as well as the current posted rate of pay. HMV facts are also helpful for those who want to work in different areas, as some states offer a higher salary than others.

Fact 10: HMV probability used to determine the highest quality of real-estate, for a certain geographic location, based on previous real estate success, for that same location. HMV probability reports can prove helpful for those who are relocating.

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