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FACT 1: Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn Village.

FACT 2: Hitler dreamt of becoming an artist and was never interested in a technical education. But his father insisted that Hitler continue his technical studies.

FACT 3: The assassination of the Austrian Empire heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand in World War I by a Serb triggered a passion in Hitler against foreigners and especially Slavs.

FACT 4: Hitler was trained to enter the Bavarian Army. He escaped death many times and was awarded for his bravery two Iron Crosses.

FACT 5: Hitler reached the rank in the army as a lance corporal.

FACT 6: Hitler was temporarily blinded by an attack with mustard gas in the year 1918 in Belgium.

FACT 7: A Communist-led revolt arose in Germany when Hitler was recovering from his ill health. As some Jews were leading these revolts, Hitler started to hate Jews and also the Communists.

FACT 8: After the Munich War, Hitler was asked to keep track of the German Worker’s Party which had only a few members at that time. This party worked like a vehicle for him to reach his political ends. The political platform in this party was created with its hatred against the Jews.

FACT 9: Through the German Worker’s Party’s meetings, Hitler started his oratorical career from a meeting that was held October 16th, 1919. The speech given by Hitler in this meeting attracted many people.

FACT 10: Hitler became popular from that time, and the party’s name was changed to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The Party’s symbol was a swastika, and the Party had a red flag.

FACT 11: In the year 1921 and in the month of July, Hitler became the Chairman of this Party.

FACT 12: Hitler wrote a book entitled Mein Kampf when he was in prison.

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