Facts about Hermes

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1. The Greek god of Commerce

Hermes was the son of Maia and Zeus; he was also the god of commerce in ancient Greece. Hermes was a cunning, quick acting person who was able to interchange between the world of gods and world of man while serving as a messenger for the gods as well as a link between the Olympians and the mortals.

 2. Hermes offered Protection

In an effort to offer protection to mankind, Hermes tricked other gods occasionally for his own fun and amusement. He was known as a god who protected athletes, travelers and thieves. Due to his ability to interchange between the worlds freely, he guided souls of the dead in the afterlife and to the underworld.

 3. Hermes stole Apollo’s Cattle at Birth

When he was born, Hermes is said to have jumped off his crib and stolen cattle belonging to Apollo before going back to the crib and playing innocent. Apollo got to know about Hermes’ trick and took him to Zeus and complained about it. However, Zeus, who was the father to gods did not punish his son Hermes, he just laughed about it.

 4. Hermes gave a Lyre to Apollo as an Apology

As an apology, Apollo accepted a lyre from Hermes following a heated discussion. The lyre had been invented by Hermes. Though Zeus had been amused by his son’s mischief, it made him opt to get Hermes a job. It was then that Zeus made Hermes a messenger to serve the gods. He gave Hermes a winged helmet and winged sandals to enable him move fast to deliver messages.

 5. Hermes featured in Numerous Myths

Hermes featured in many Greek myths. In the Odyssey myth, Hermes instructed Odysseus to chew magic herb to avoid the powers of Circe and so that he could not be changed to animals like some of his companions. In the Pandora myth, Hermes granted her the ability to seduce and lie in her words when the gods gave her the trait.

 6. In the Roman Mythology, Hermes was called Mercury

Hermes was known as Mercury in the Roman mythology. His father Zeus was the king of Mt. Olympus and his mother Maia, was a nymph. Hermes is a name that refers to boundary marker and in ancient Athens; boundary markers which are piles of stones had busts of Hermes as decorations.

7. Hermes Images

Hermes was mostly associated with gymnastics and images of him were put up at gymnasium entrances. As a god, he was patron of art, invention, trade, literature and travel. In most myths, Hermes is portrayed as a cunning trickster who uses intellect to outsmart other gods. Some myths suggest that Hermes was the father of half human and half goat Pan.

8. Hermes lived on Mt. Olympus

Hermes was among the 12 Olympian gods that lived on the summit of Mt. Olympus. He fathered Pan, Daphne, Autolycus, Priapus, Myrtelius, Hermaphroditus and Silenus. Among the 12 gods, he was the only one who was allowed to visit Earth, Heaven and underworld. Hermaphroditus was the immortal son of Hermes and Aphrodite who was turned into an inter-sex individual when the wish of nymph Salmacis to never separate was granted by the gods.

9. Charming the gods

Hermes had a caduceus that helped him charm other gods to access all locations. His caduceus was a staff that was entwined by snakes. He was always ready to travel and wore a petasus, a flat hat. As a god of athletes, Hermes is credited for inventing racing and boxing.

10.Goddess of Luck was Hermes’ Daughter

Fortuna or Tyche, the goddess of luck was also the daughter of Aphrodite and Hermes. Panes, who was the god of the tribe of all goat footed Panes and Pan, god of goat heads were both Hermes Champions.

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