Facts About Heaven

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We all believe that there is Heaven and if we lead a good life we will go to Heaven and be with The Almighty forever. It is a belief that is innate in human mind although there are various questions and explanations to the existence of Heaven in reality.

Fact 1 Concept Of Heaven

The idea of how Heaven looks like differs from one religion to another and the way people see it. But the basic concept remains the same for all irrespective of religionand belief. It is a place where the dead live happily with God. It is a place for the good people for God resides in Heaven. And this lovely place is high above our heads. Whether we live in the mountains or the plains, we always look up when we think about God and Heaven. All religious beliefs point to the sole fact that if we are good we go to Heaven or to Hell if we commit sins. Christians however believe in Purgatory which is a middle-ground. It is for this reason that saints and preachers have always taught to remain pure and to stay away from sins in order to live happily in Heaven after death.

Fact 2 What The Bible Says

According to the Bible, Heaven is a place of eternal bliss where there is no suffering, sickness, evil or death. People who lead a virtuous life and believe in God go to this beautiful place. Heaven is God’s home and He lived there even before His creation. Lord Jesus lived in this Holy place with God. Christians believe that Heaven is real for God created it and Jesus came down from Heaven for the salvation of humans and to teach the path of truth. There are evidences too which tell us that Jesus went back to Heaven when He rose from the dead. It is a place of no sin and those who obey God’s orders and lead a good life are rewarded here not with worldly things but with eternal happiness.

If we recall the words of Jesus on the night before He was crucified, where He told all men and women lamenting for His painful end, that in His Father’s house in Heaven there are many rooms and He will prepare the rooms for all men who can stay with Him forever. In the Bible there is mention of Heaven as a huge mansion where there are many rooms and sometimes to an enormous city full of people. We often see references to paradise as a beautiful place in Heaven where god and all the fairies live.

Fact 3 References Of Heaven In Hinduism

In Hinduism also get references to Swarga or Heaven which is peaceful, beautiful and is the abode of the Gods. Like fairies, there are apsaras and goddesses who look after the humans who follow the virtuous path on earth. Prayers are offered to the Gods and sacrifices are made by the saints and sages on earth to pay their homage and respects to the Gods residing in Heaven. The belief in the existence of Heaven above the sky is so deep-rooted in our minds that whenever we thank God for anything or ask for His blessings we look upwards believing that He resides in Heaven high above the clouds and sky.

Fact 4 Idea of Heaven in Islam

The concept of Heaven is present in Islam also. Muslims refer to Heaven as Jannat. According to their Holy Book, The Quran, Heaven has eight doors and people are allowed to enter them according to their deeds performed on earth. If they had followed all the rules laid down in The Quran, they are sure to go to Heaven.

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