Facts about Hawks

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Hawks are endangered birds that live in forests, prairies and open savannas. Here are some intriguing facts about hawks.

Fact 1:

Hawks are normally found in Central America and the West Indies. The first hawk that was scientifically studied was from Jamaica. (National Geographic)

Fact 2:

Hawks are the most keen-eyed and efficient hunters and they always make nests high above the ground. (National Geographic)

Fact 3:

An interesting fact about the hawks is that the females are always bigger and stronger than the male hawks. (Animal Planet)

Fact 4:

The bat hawk of Asia and Africa hunts at night and preys only on bats. Other than this specific species, hawks feed on birds and small animals and they hunt during the day. (Animal Planet)

Fact 5:

Amazingly, hawks can see and distinguish between colors. They have very sharp eyesight like all birds and they can see eight times better than humans! (Frontier Net)

Fact 6:

The special position of eyes on the side of the head allows the hawks to see almost all around them. They can see things even at an angle of 280o. (Frontier Net)

Fact 7:

A very interesting thing that one can observe about hawks is that when they eat, they spread their wings in such a way that the food is completely hidden with their wings and tail; this is called mantling. (Frontier Net)

Fact 8:

Just a mere part of the intricate world of natural beings, hawks are neither cruel nor dangerous. They are just like every other bird! (The Raptor Trust)

Fact 9:

Hawks mostly pair for their entire life which is about 21 years in most cases. If, for any reason, one of the hawks dies, the other quickly searches for a new mate! (I Love India)

Fact 10:

A hawk can fly at incredible speeds which may reach up to 150 miles per hour while diving down! (I Love India)

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