Facts about Hawaiian Culture

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Hawaii is a piece of land famous for blue sky and water, sandy beaches, palm trees, and glorious sunsets. But this is not all. Hawaii is also famous for its cultural intricacies and fantasies. Here are some interesting facts about the Hawaiian culture!

Fact 1:

One of the cultural identities of Hawaii is the hula, a cultural dance. A famous legend says that Laka, the Goddess of Hula, gave birth to dance on Molokai Island. (Kauaikris.com)

Fact 2:

An important fact attached to the Hawaiian culture is the presence of the flower lei. This flower has its designs based on imagination from the actual orchids. It is customary to present the flower with a kiss and remove only in private! (To-Hawaii)

Fact 3:

The Hawaiian language has the smallest alphabet in the world with just five vowels and eight consonants. (To-Hawaii)

Fact 4:

The Hawaiian culture is an amalgamated culture of a number of myths, superstitions, and omens. One of these, which is widely believed, is that rain and rainbows are blessings of God! (To-Hawaii)

Fact 5:

The cultural dance hula is thought originally to be a form of worship that was performed by Goddess Luka and those who performed it earlier were the ones who were taught by the Goddess herself! (Random History)

Fact 6:

There is no single culture in Hawaii, since different minorities make up this land. Therefore the culture of Hawaii is actually layers upon layers of different cultures. (Hawaii-Guide)

Fact 7:

The music history of Hawaii is the same as that of its different cultures. The modern songs in Hawaiian culture are a mixture of old and new Hawaiian music. (Waimea)

Fact 8:

Anklets are worn by all the folk dancers in Hawaii and these anklets are made of either dog’s teeth or whale bone. (Waimea)

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