Facts About Hawaii

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Hawaii is made up of 8 different islands, which makes it the widest American state. These islands were united by King Kamehameha in 1810 and a national holiday was established on 11th June every year since 1872 to celebrate the King. This makes Hawaii the only American state that honors a monarch.

Fact 1: Hawaii uses a 12 letter alphabet that contains the 5 main vowels and other consonants like W, P, N, M, L, K and H.

Fact 2: Residents of Hawaii live longer compared to those of other American states with an amazingly high life expectancy or 82 years.

Fact 3: The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been erupting continuously for thirty years, thus making it the world’s most active volcano.

Fact 4: Hawaii increases in size every year due to the volcanic activities of Kilauea volcano that has added approximately 500 acres to the island.

Fact 5: Barrack Obama and Nicole Kidman are two popular people who were born in Hawaii before they relocated to other cities.

Fact 6: Hawaii has no indigenous snakes and it is illegal to bring in snakes into the state. The only officially permitted snakes are found in zoos.

Fact 7: When you imagine a stunning getaway in Hawaii, you may picture a white or black beach, but there are also green, red and yellow beaches available in this state.

Fact 8: In 1970, Hawaii legally recognized abortion but only for specific cases of incest, rape or for saving the mother’s life.

Fact 9: There is no DMV or state police unit in Hawaii; instead all the islands are controlled by a county government.

Fact 10: The sport of surfing was created many centuries ago by settlers in Hawaii who were called Polynesians. They used boards that measured close to 20 ft and used heavy boards that weighed over 150 pounds.

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