Facts About Harvard

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The name Harvard University stands for excellence in the educational sphere. It has retained its uniqueness and high standards from its inception in the year 1636.

Fact 1 How Harvard Was Established
Harvard University that stands in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a private Ivy League Research Center that was established in 1636. It is one of the most renowned centers for learning that every student craves for admission. It is the oldest universities of the United States that imparts higher education to aspiring students in various branches of learning. The College was named after its first benefactor John Harvard who was a young minister of Charlestown. He was an advocate of high standards of education and so he donated his own library and half of his property to the university after he died in 1638. To commemorate is contribution to the university and the entire educated fraternity, his statue has been put up in front of the University Hall in the yard of Harvard. It is the most famous landmark of the University.

Fact 2 The Initial Stages Of The University
Harvard was never affiliated formally to any denomination although it was the oldest institution of higher education. In the beginning, only the Congregationalists and the Unitarian Clergies were trained. Later during the 18th century, a new secular curriculum was introduced and later occupied one of the highest positions among the Boston elites. After the Civil War of America, when President Charles W. Eliot worked for a long time, the college became all the more unique and he affiliated other professional institutes and formed the Harvard Research University of modern day. During the 19th century, Harvard became the founding member of the American University Association. The University moved forward through the ups and downs of the country like the World War II and the Great Depression. The curriculum became wider and the admission process was more liberalized after the war. The change was more prominent when the college became coeducational at the undergraduate level as it merged with the Radcliff College in 1977.

Fact 3 Progress
Apart from the Radcliff College for Advanced Study, Harvard has 12 other schools that grant degrees. It started with only nine students and a lone teacher and now it has more than 20,000 students that include the undergraduate, graduate and students who enroll for professional studies. Today there are more than 360,000 students who have graduated from this prestigious University all over the world.

Fact 4 Its Position
There are 11 separate units in all and the campuses of these academic units are spread out in the Boston Metropolitan area. The main campus covers an area of 209 acres and stands at the center of Harvard Yard in Cambridge. The athletics facilities and the business school as well as the Harvard Stadium stand across the River Charles close to Boston’s neighborhood area in Allston. The other schools such as the medical, public health and dental are located in Longwood Medical Area.

Fact 5

Harvard is a large residential university that supports undergraduate, graduate and research facilities to deserving students. Although the costs of studying in the best college of the world are quite high, there are financial aids that are generously distributed among deserving students who have the talent but not the means. The University has quite a few museums like cultural, arts and scientific museums apart from the Harvard Library.

Fact 6 Education System
The system of education is highly flexible and one can find options that suit him/her the best. The strong foundation provided by the teachers of this institution offers the students in-depth knowledge of the various disciplines that they choose to follow. The courses are conducted by the best of educationists and professionals of each department.

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