Facts about Harriet Tubman

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Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1820. She eventually escaped and helped rescue many persons from slavery during the American Civil War. She was an abolitionist, humanitarian and a spy for the Union during the war. Here are some other interesting facts about Harriet Tubman, an American hero.

Fact 1: She participated in over thirteen missions to help free hundreds of slaves.

Fact 2: As a child she was hit upon the head and injured badly. This led to her suffering from seizures, narcolepsy and severe headaches for the rest of her life.

Fact 3: Harriet had many strong visions and dreams. She was a devout Christian, and she attributed these visions as being revelations from God.

Fact 4: During the Civil War, Harriet worked as a cook, a nurse and as a scout bearing arms. Later she worked as a spy. She led the Combahee River Raid which freed around 700 slaves.

Fact 5: Harriet was rescued by and then later was part of the Underground Railroad. This was a group of slaves and activists that informally worked together to rescue slaves.

Fact 6: After the war, Harriet was very active in the woman’s suffrage movement fighting for the woman’s right to vote.

Fact 7: Her former slaveholders referred to her as ‘œMinty’. Harriet was small (5 feet tall) and disabled ‘“ and was a hero to many slaves.

Fact 8: During her years of service for the Union she never received a salary and did not receive any compensation until several years later.

Fact 9: Due to her constant drive to help others, Harriet lived in a state of poverty for all of her life.

Fact 10: After her death, with the military honoring her, Harriet Tubman was buried at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn.

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