Facts About Gorillas

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Gorillas are the largest, living primates belonging to the classification called Chordates. There are many facts and myths about gorillas. Here you will read some information already known to you and some entirely new and strikingly interesting facts.

Fact 1:

Despite being fierce and wild, gorillas are herbivores. They spend much of their time eating  bamboo.

Fact 2:

A gorilla’s age can reach a maximum of 50 years’ time span.

Fact 3:

There are only about 700 gorillas living in mountains the world over. This is yet another animal species becoming endangered.

Fact 4:

The least known but most surprising fact about gorillas is that they have DNA in their cells that is almost similar to human DNA, 98 percent alike, specifically. There is no other animal in the world with such close characteristics. Moreover, the fingerprints of gorillas are also versatile just like humans.

Fact 5:

Gorillas are famous to be ‘œroyal’ as they never sleep in the same nest again and again. Every time a gorilla takes a nap, a new nest is built.

Fact 6:

Interestingly, gorillas have two sets of teeth during their lifetime, the baby teeth and the permanent ones just like humans!

Fact 7:

Research indicates that human birth control pills are also effective for female gorillas.

Fact 8:

The baby gorillas start walking at the age of six months, and they nurse for up to three years and  live with their mothers.

Fact 9:

Gorillas live in troops, never alone!! In these troops with the rest of the gorillas around, they have 22 different sounds which they use for communication.

Fact 10:

Although gorillas walk on four limbs, they are actually capable of adopting the human way of walking, i.e., on two legs.

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