Facts About Gonorrhea

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The sexually transmitted infection called gonorrhea is a very common disease for both women and men which is caused by any sexual activity. There are many hidden but interesting facts about gonorrhea, which are as follows:

Fact 1: The bacterium ‘œNeisseria gonorrhoeae’ is responsible for this sexually transmitted infection, or gonorrhea. The warm and moist body areas provide the best growing environment for these bacteria.

Fact 2: There is no typical sexual activity which becomes the cause behind developing the bacterium ‘œNeisseria gonorrhoeae’ in human beings. It may occur by any sort of sex either anal, vaginal, or oral.

Fact 3: The symptoms of gonorrhea in men are:  a burning sensation during urination, white or yellowish discharge from the penis, swollen testicles and opening of the penis.

Fact 4: The symptoms of gonorrhea in women are: a vaginal discharge, pain and burning sensation while urinating, high frequency of urination, pain during intercourse, and pain in the lower abdominal area.

Fact 5: Gonorrhea is a spreading disease which is transmitted from one person to another, either man to man, or man to woman, and vice versa.

Fact 6: The chances of getting infected with gonorrhea are more in women who perform vaginal, anal, or oral sex with the infected men, and this percentage is 60-80.

Fact 7: Men, who perform sex with infected women suffering from gonorrhea have the risk of being infected with this disease just 20 percent.

Fact 8: The risk of transmitting gonorrhea from man to man are much more common than the cross genders.

Fact 9: Use of condoms during intercourse is an effective preventive measure to stay safe from gonorrhea.

Fact 10: For treatment of an infected person, doctors try to locate all those persons who have had sexual contact with the infected person. The treatment of all infected people in the community can lower the chances of spreading this disease. The hepatitis B vaccine and HPV vaccine are the effective treatments in such sexually transmitted infections.

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