Facts About Godzilla

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Godzilla is the awe-inspiring star of innumerable comics, cartoons and especially the movies. He is the emblem of strength, power and at the same time he has a big heart. Godzilla has won the hearts of all people irrespective of age around the globe.

Fact 1 Creation Of Godzilla
Although Godzilla is an imaginary figure, the creator was inspired to portray such a huge figure mainly after the terrible devastation that occurred after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities in Japan and its effects on the Japanese people. The cities vanished within seconds leaving behind innumerable dead bodies and thousands of people with burns and poisoning due to radiation for many weeks. Another event too was a source of inspiration for the creation of Godzilla and it was the Japanese fishing vessel Lucky Dragon 5 that was completely destroyed by the nuclear testing events of America in the South Pacific waters.

Fact 2 How The Figure Took Shape

In 1954, a combination of Japanese whale and gorilla was released named Gojira. It had the features of many species that included an alligator and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The skin was rough and pebbled resembling the scars caused by the atomic blasts on the survivors. The character portrays the horrors of modern technology.

Fact 3 About The Name Godzilla
The name Godzilla rings in the mouths of every child and adult alike. The name refers to the Japanese figure Kaiju that means strange beast in the Japanese language and monster in English. Actually Godzilla is a combination of two words “gorira” and “kujira”. The characteristics of Godzilla are mostly related to the features of these creatures like the size, aquatic nature and strength.

Fact 4 Size Of Godzilla

The huge size of Godzilla portrays power and strength of the character. His deafening roar and destructive super powers have attracted viewers from around the world ever since the release of his film in 1954. The original figure was 50m tall and the weight was 20,000 metric tons. Gradually, the size has been increased for many reasons and in the movie “The Return of Godzilla” he weighs 50,000 metric tons and is 80m tall.

Fact 5 Symbolism Portrayed In The Character Of Godzilla

When Godzilla was first created, it was meant to symbolize the inhuman acts of bombing by the U.S.A. on Japan. The looks and the terrible features of the skin, all represented the after effects of the atomic blasts. Godzilla became so popular among the Japanese that gradually he became the symbol of Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun. In later years, when the tension between America and Japan cooled down, Godzilla comics and movies became a favorite of children and everyone else in America and all other European countries.

Fact 6 Enemies Of Godzilla
Godzilla is a mutant dinosaur of gigantic size that comes alive after the atomic rage. He appears in films as an enemy of man that ruins cities and towns and causes destruction to whatever comes its way. Again Godzilla has seen to save the world from enemies and space invaders and other huge beasts. Being so powerful and unbeatable, he naturally has a few enemies like Baragon, Battra, Biollante, Destoroyah Dogora the alien and others. .

Fact 7 Other Features Of Godzilla
Since its inception, Godzilla reigns the arena by offering amusing people all around the globe till date. Slogans and images on T-shirts and kids’ bags and lunch-boxes are commonly seen in every country. It is amazing to see Godzilla dancing and singing. Godzilla is one of most interesting creation of the artists’ minds.

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