Facts about Globe Theater

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For those who know Shakespeare, Globe Theater is not a new name. It is a historic explanation of Shakespeare’s successes. For those who do not know, here are some amazing facts about the Globe Theater.

Fact 1:

The timber wood used for building the Globe Theater was actually the reused wood from ‘œThe Theater’. ‘œThe Theater’ was an earlier theater that Richard Burbage’s father once owned. (No Sweat Shakespeare)

Fact 2:

The theater got its name from its shape. It was built in such a way that it would look like a large round doughnut from above. (No Sweat Shakespeare)

Fact 3:

The Globe Theater was designed to accommodate almost 3,000 spectators and it had a diameter of about 100 feet! (No Sweat Shakespeare)

Fact 4:

Globe Theater was an open air theater where all the dramas and acts were performed in ever-changing English weather. This experience was so great that there are productions still taking place in open air at the Globe Theater.(About.com)

Fact 5:

Shakespeare got shareholding in the shares of the Globe Theater initially. Then as he grew in popularity, his finances benefited the deal. (About.com)

Fact 6:

The Globe Theater was sometimes used for other activities besides acting which also included gambling. (Weebly)

Fact 7:

An amazing fact about the Globe Theater is that this place is responsible for coining the term ‘œBox Office’ in the acting industry. (Weebly)

Fact 8:

At the time when the Globe Theater was created, women were not allowed to act on stage and men had to put on feminine costumes to perform the role. This led to many early deaths due to excessive lead content in the make-up. (Weebly)

Fact 9:

In 20th century, the old Globe Theater site was rediscovered and the New Globe Theater stands on the same spot!! (Nobles and Courtiers)

Fact 10:

No matter how entertaining, the Globe Theater was always under religious criticisms, with the Puritans being responsible for the shutting down of the theater in 1644. (William-Shakespeare)

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