Facts About Girls

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Girls are quite complex, and some people have even suggested that they are smarter than boys. However, it is crucial to point out that research has never found that one gender is cleverer compared to the other. Despite this fact, there are some key facts about girls that are quite interesting and they are discussed here below:

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Fact 1: In general, girls have better test results than boys on most exams that test verbal abilities.

Fact 2: A girl spends approximately two years of her whole life in front of the mirror, while boys only spend six months. The considerable length of time girls spend is attributed to the necessary maintenance that they have to do to prepare themselves every day.

Fact 3: Evidence shows that girls who finish high school usually have better preparation and greater aspirations for post-secondary learning compared to boys.

Fact 4: Girls are highly likely to finish college, with 66 percent of girls who enroll in college completing their courses and graduating.

Fact 5: Girls have much more complexity and depth, which can be proven by science. Actually, girls have more genetic instructions in their chromosomes since they come from two ‘œX’ chromosomes.

Fact 6: Research indicates that girls are increasing in college and university enrollment at a faster rate compared to boys. There are now more girls than boys in colleges.

Fact 7: Researchers at Stanford University discovered that girls have a much classier sense of humor. That is why girls do not enjoy the shallow humor that boys do.

Fact 8: An important fact about girls is that they are likely to utilize social aggression compared to boys.

Fact 9: Girls experience both emotional and physical changes during puberty. Their brains usually mature faster, and this enables them to better understand complicated issues.

Fact 10: Girls are more empathetic than boys, and this makes them better leaders.

Finally, over 70 percent of the teachers in America are women with 90 percent of instructors in the elementary schools being women.

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