Facts About Ghost Shrimp

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Ghost shrimp, thus named, are small shrimp that are the transparent, little creatures inhabiting freshwater bodies in almost 50 countries of the world. Very little do we know about them, so here are some additional interesting facts about the Ghost shrimp.

Fact 1:

The female Ghost shrimp can exceed the male Ghost shrimp in size of about 0.5 inches. The female reaches a maximum size of 1.5 inches while the male only makes it to 1 inch maximum.

Fact 2:

Ghost shrimp are scavengers; therefore, they are usually found fit for domestic aquariums. They help clean out the aquarium environment.

Fact 3:

Due to their transparent appearance, the Ghost shrimp are also called Glass shrimp.

Fact 4:

The name indicates that Ghost shrimp might seem very scary, but the fact is that Ghost shrimp are used as bait by fishermen. They are so small and fragile that they easily become food for the larger animals.

Fact 5:

Just like a snake, the skin of the Ghost shrimp is shed every once in a while. If you see it at first glance, you might think it is a dead Ghost shrimp.

Fact 6:

The Ghost shrimp have an average lifespan of about five years, but in some cases they can live as long as six to seven years has also observed.

Fact 7:

Vitamin B12, D, iron, and zinc are some important, nutritional elements that we can get from the Ghost shrimp.

Fact 8:

Normally, Ghost shrimp are hard to kill, but they die rapidly during transportation and a change of habitat from freshwater to aquariums due to mishandling. Otherwise, they are naturally strong to endure their harsh environment.

Fact 9:

Ghost shrimp are very interesting for the fact that they allow other species to share their burrows with them; you can usually find a tiny crab inside the burrow of a Ghost shrimp.

Fact 10:

The Ghost shrimp are often found to be swimming upside-down in an enclosed aquarium so that they can engulf the food flakes left over by the other fish.

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