Facts About Germany

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Germany has long been considered as very unwelcoming and hostile due to its unsettling history that includes the infamous Nazi regime as well as tension between West and East Germany. However, there are other sides to this great country that make for an interesting read. Find out some fascinating facts here below.

Fact 1: After the Czech people, German citizens consume the most beer annually in the entire world.

Fact 2: Germany has an immense fascination with zoos, with 413 registered zoos, which is more than America. The Zoologischer Garten in Berlin is the world’s biggest zoo with regards to both animal population and species.

Fact 3: There are several significant inventions that were created by Germans including car engines, LCD screen, automated calculator, pocket watch and the clarinet.

Fact 4: Beer is highly valued in Germany and there are over 1000 beer breweries making over 5,000 varieties of beer.

Fact 5: Germany is the remaining European country not to ban smoking in restaurants and workplaces. Nazi used to officially frown on smoking in public places, and German legislators are afraid to imitate Nazi regulations.

Fact 6: In 1978, Germany had 5752 museums, which is roughly the same number of museums as the UK and Italy combined.

Fact 7: Germans are pioneers of environmental protection and a German biologist called Ernst Haeckel coined the word ‘œecology’ in 1866.

Fact 8: Germans are avid recyclers and a BBC study revealed that the country has a very high recycling rate of 48%, only surpassed by Austria and Switzerland.

Fact 9: Bavaria, Germany, is the location of the longest operating brewery that has been in operations since it was opened in 1040.

Fact 10: KaDeWe is a department store located in Berlin that has over 55,000 square meters, which is the biggest area of a store in Europe.

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