Facts About Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal energy is the energy resource extracted from the natural heat inside the earth. Even though there are a lot of reserves of geothermal energy the world over, the extractions are made in the areas of least risk only. Listed below are the facts about geothermal energy that many among us do not know:

Fact 1:

Almost 10 percent of the world’s energy comes from geothermal energy sources like hot springs, geysers, and volcano cores.

Fact 2:

Amazingly, unlike any other fuel, geothermal energy is a cleaner and safer fuel for the environment surrounding the area.

Fact 3:

Despite contradictions, geologists agree that geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy because it can be obtained by injecting hot water back into the Earth (How and how much is still a debate!).

Fact 4:
In Iceland, the sole, major source of energy is the geothermal energy, and it is also readily available in volcanically active lands like New Zealand

Fact 5:

The geothermal energy is the most ancient crude fuel known to man, and it has been helping the human race ever since in the form of hot springs.

Fact 6:

The most famous and classic spa that had been fed by hot springs is thought to exist in the form of a stone pool that was found on Liasan Mountain built around the 3rd century BC in China.

Fact 7:

The resource base of the geothermal energy the world over has been calculated to exceed the combined resource base of coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium.

Fact 8:

Just like a greenhouse, the green energy, i.e., the geothermal energy, is a pollution-free source of energy releasing a minimum amount of toxicants into the environment.

Fact 9:

The Earth increases its interior temperature 3 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit for every 328 feet, thus continuously heating us giving off continuous energy.

Fact 10:

In Larderelo, Italy, the engineers built the first ever geothermal power plant in 1904. However, today, there are around 1.3 million geothermal plants in the world.

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