Facts About George Washington

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George Washington is famous for being the first president of America. He was greatly honored for his sense of patriotism and duty. As a leader, he detested taking unwarranted advantage of power as the president. Additionally, he was against nepotism and discrimination.

Fact 1: George Washington is the only head of state to be unanimously elected by the American Electoral College. He wasn’t affiliated to a political party when he was elected since he didn’t like the notion of forming political parties.

Fact 2: There are three significant events in George Washington’s life that took place on the same day of the week, Friday; the day he was born, the day he became lieutenant colonel and also the day he was voted President.

Fact 3: George Washington planted marijuana and supported its growth in the 17th century. During this time, marijuana was mainly grown for hemp and soil stabilization.

Fact 4: George Washington freed his slaves and became the only founding father of America to do so.

Fact 5: The first inaugural address that George Washington delivered was 2000 words long but his second one was only 135 words.

Fact 6: Since George Washington died in 1799, he is the only head of state that passed away in the 17th century.

Fact 7: Even though George Washington helped in planning the capital city that was later given his second name, he never resided in that town.

Fact 8: After being bothered by toothaches for a long time, George Washington had a dentist pull out his teeth and from then onwards he wore false teeth made from ivory.

Fact 9: George Washington suffered from several diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, smallpox and dysentery.

Fact 10: George Washington does not have any direct descendant since he married a widow who had two children.

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