Facts About Geese

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Geese are birds that belong to the waterfowl family or specifically the Order Anseriformes. They are large birds that spend their time on land and on bodies of water like ponds and lakes. They are recognizable by their long necks and different colors. The following are some facts about geese:

Fact 1: Geese spend most of their time on land. Many people may see them often in ponds or lakes but they actually spend more time on land trying to find food. They are known to prefer grasslands especially those that are near bodies of water.

Fact 2: Geese are famous for their V-formation when flying. Geese do this formation to basically help each other during long-distance travels. With wings flapping in the air, those behind will get an extra lift with the V-formation. The V-formation is said to help geese increase their flying range to as much as 70%.

Fact 3: Geese are loyal animals. They are known to protect their own especially those that are sick. When flying for example, some geese will move out of formation just to help others who may be sick or injured. Many geese also stay with the sick members of the group until they die.

Fact 4: Many gees species may be migratory birds and travel for long distances but most of them actually try to return to where they were born. Every single year, geese may migrate to different places to find a more suitable place for survival but they also try to go back to their birth place regularly.

Fact 5: Male geese are very protective. When their partner lays eggs, the male geese are known to be always on guard for possible predators. They even prefer to die protecting their partner with the eggs rather than escape from an intruder.

Fact 6: Geese are also champions of team work. When migrating to distant places in V-formation, they often take turns in taking the guiding position in their flying V formation. When a member in this position gets tired or injured, another member of the group will take its place and do the hard work of guiding the whole team.

Fact 7: A one-day old gosling can already swim and dive. Just one day after hatching from their shells, goslings are already able to swim above water and even dive beneath to as low as 40 feet deep. These goslings need at least 3 months before they can learn to fly.

Fact 8: Adult geese lose their flying feathers every year. In a process called molting, the large feathers for flying are shed off annually. When this happens, these geese stay near bodies of water for protection against predators.

Fact 9: Female geese cover her eggs with sticks when she needs to leave the nest. The sticks are intentionally used as a form of camouflage for the eggs so they won’t be taken away by predators.

Fact 10: Most geese stay with their own group or family in their lifetime.   These animals are known for their loyalty and families tend to stick together all their lives. When a partner dies, geese may wait several years to find another mate.

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