Facts About French Food

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The French and their love for food has been a known fact for ages. Most of the workplaces in France have a lunchtime of two hours. They are probably the only people who love their food so much that they do not want to compromise anything when it comes to having their food. Even in their busy schedules, they manage to enjoy their food without any compromises, and they have all the reason to do so. With the variety of cheeses, wines, and breads they have, they certainly have a good reason to love their food so much.

Fact 1: French knowledge of food and cooking is adored throughout the world. Their skills are followed by most of the culinary education institutes because of their prominent contributions toward the western cuisines and their criteria.

Fact 2: Food is quite expensive in France, maybe because the best quality food is reserved for this country. McDonald’s outlets in France serve beer and also Croque McDo, and the prices are almost twice the prices in the USA and triple the prices in Hong Kong because 90% of all ingredients are sourced locally; and, hence, locals really don’t care about the prices.

Fact 3: France has more than 500 varieties of flavors of cheese, and the French people are the largest consumers of cheese in the whole world. With so much variety in cheese alone, no wonder the French are known for their culinary skills.

Fact 4:
Like in any part of the world, even the people in France are losing their appetites. In the 1900s, an average French citizen consumed 900 grams of bread every day. But now the quantity has reduced to 100 grams per day. One more reason for this might be the influence of foreign foods and beverages as well. The size of a baguette has also been reduced from 300 grams to 250 grams.

Fact 5: One more prominent part of the French culinary style is wine. One of the cities in France, Bordeaux, which is situated on the banks of the Garonne River, is the largest producer of wine in terms of number of varieties. It is called the “wine capital of the world.”

Fact 6: The French are the people who have set the standard table manners while dining out. Most of those manners are now followed by people all around the world. Some of the common principles are:
• Wash your hands before food;
• Eat without making any sounds;
• Avoid belching after eating in front of others;
• Sit up straight when eating;
• Do not lean on the table; and
• Do not cross your arms at the table.

Fact 7: Classical French foods are rich and creamy. They are the ones that introduce the creamy sauces. Apart from the classical, the other two varieties are “Haute Cuisine” and “Nouvelle Cuisine.” All the most sophisticated and extreme foods fall in the “Haute” category. The less elaborate foods cooked with simple cooking approaches fall into the “Nouvelle” category. These have smaller-sized portions and not so many rich ingredients.

Fact 8: When most of the western countries, including France, have reduced the production amount of grapes, which is the major component of wine production, Asian countries like China and India have increased the production dramatically over a period of just a few years.

Fact 9: The classical French desserts like Crème Brûlée, Tarte Tatin, Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Chocolate Éclairs can get anyone’s mouth watering.

Fact 10: Soups and salads are also some of the most cherished French foods. “Soupe à l’oignon,” the most delicious soup of all French soups, is called the “queen of soups” by The New York Times.

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