Facts About Foxes

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Foxe are omnivorous mammals belonging to the family of dog but are a little smaller than a medium-sized dog. A male fox is known as a “dog fox” or a “tod” while the female is called “Vixen”. Their young ones are called as pups or cubs. Together as group, we call them a “skulk” or a “leash”. Most foxes have upright, triangular ears and a flat skull. A long bushy tail is the characteristic of most and are digitigrade i.e. they walk on their toes. Red fox is recognized as the most widespread and commonly known fox with other 47 recognized subspecies.

Fact 1:-

Foxes are fond of isolation and are often regarded as solitary animals. Unlike their relatives i.e. wolves, jackals and dogs, they are not a pack animal. You may find them living with a small family when they are raising their kids. The group is regarded as a skulk as mentioned before. Other than that, foxes prefer to stay alone whether its hunting or sleeping.

Fact 2:-

Foxes make good parents to their young ones. They reproduce once a year, giving birth to on average six cubs. Vixen plays a very protective and intimate role in taking care of her pubs once they are born. The little ones are unable to see and hear till the ninth day of birth during which they are under an intensive care of the vixen. The dog fox is in charge of providing them with food all this time. The family spends time with loyalty for about seven months after which the pubs may separate and live on their own.

Fact 3:-

Although foxes ae regarded as wild animals, but their friendly and curious nature often makes them a pet animal after they are being tamed. They are playful among themselves as well as with other cats and dogs and often make very friendly pets. It may fascinate you to know that in 2011, a 16500 old grave was opened in Jordon and the remains of a man buried with his pet fox were found.

Fact 4:-

Foxes have a lot of morphological features as well as habits similar to that of a cat. Just like cats, they are able to retract their claws and they have vertical pupils that allow them to see in minimal light as well. You will find them more active after dusk and their hunting habits are also similar to that of cats. They like to stalk their prey and then chase and pounce them.

Fact 5:-

Foxes have a very diverse diet. They eat almost everything whether its berries, fruits, worms, spiders, small animals or birds. Those that are found in the country side also have the habit of peeking into the rubbish that people leave out. Not just this, these smart species collect food and save it in their dens to eat later when they are starved.

Fact 6:-

Foxes are also known to handle cold better than most animals on earth can. Arctic foxes are so good at bearing cold that even if the temperature falls below -70 oC, they can survive and remain active just like normal. They are also guarded against their predators by their white furry coats that camouflages with the snow. The coat also tends to change with the season, turning to brown or gray making them more adaptable to their environment.


Foxes have a very prominent role in folklore and various cultures with various stories and myths attributed to them. In the Western folklore, foxes are seen as a symbol of trickery. They are regarded as cunning creatures. In the Asian folklore, however, they are thought to be possessed of some spiritual powers.

Fact 8:

Cubs are capable of catching the rodents which are small but have a high pounce. The technique is one of the very early things that a cub learns as soon as he starts to hunt.

Fact 9:

Foxes are quite unique in having whiskers on their legs as well as on their face. These whiskers enable them to find their way.

Fact 10:

Foxes are known not to chew their food. They make use of their shearing teeth or carnassial to chop the food into chunks which are manageable.

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