Facts About Football

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the Arizona Cardinals mascot
The Arizona Cardinals mascot

Fact 1: The football field is divided into 5-yard segments with the help of 19 yard lines. The hash marks are tiny sets of lines which run all along the length of the field at one-yard intervals.

Fact 2: The length of the football field is 100 yards and the width is 53 1/3 yards. The line at 50 yards distance from one end is called the 50-yard line, which represents the center of the field. One half of the field is allotted to any one of the teams and the other half to another.

Fact 3:  The Y-shaped posts present at the end of the fields are goal posts. The goal posts are 18 feet 6 inches wide. The goal posts are 30 feet tall, and the crossbar is about 10 feet above the ground.

Fact 4: The boundary lines at the ends of the field are called end lines. The player going beyond that line to the outside during the play time is considered to have gone out of bounds.

Fact 5: The end zones are two zones present at the ends of the field that are 10 yards wide. The touchdown is scored in the end zone region.

Fact 6: The boundary lines that are present at the sides of the field are called sidelines. The player going beyond these lines during the play time is also considered to have gone out of bounds. The sideline is six feet wide.

Fact 7: The goal line is eight inches wide which runs along the front part of the end zone. The ends of the goal line are flanked by two pylons. The goal line separates the end zone from the rest of the field.

Fact 8: The National Football League game is usually divided into four quarters. There is a halftime break between the second and third quarters. Every quarter is 15 minutes long.

Fact 9: If both the teams tie after completing the game, they will be given another 15 minutes apart from four quarters time which is called overtime.

Fact 10: The team that scores first in the overtime period will win the game.


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