Facts About Florida

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The state of Florida was the 27th State to be admitted to the United States on March 3, 1845.  The capital of Florida is Tallahassee. And while Florida is known as the Orange Blossom State, it has also been nicknamed as the Sunshine State.

Fact 1. In terms of the economy, an estimated 40% of all U.S. exports for Latin and South America are channeled through Florida. Tourism, agriculture, and the space industry are the major revenue earners for Florida followed by services.

Fact 2.   The quality of education is a serious consideration as only 57% of African-Americans and 47% of disabled students have graduated from high school. For the year 2011, the state had a 71% graduate rate.

Fact 3.  In the late 1800s, Florida capitalized on its warm weather and mild winters by developing resort areas and vacation spots. Two of Florida’s most famous residents were Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Fact 4.  The main industries of Florida  are focused upon occupations related to services for retirees and tourists, and these services are dependent on the volatility of the influx of tourists and retirees. Service occupations are low-ranking jobs which require little education and result in low wages. Due to the supply-and-demand  dynamics, this has resulted in a workforce that is not highly educated.

Fact 5.  The startling low level of education is portrayed by the fact that only 21.6% of  men within the age group from 25-34 have college degrees.

Fact 6. Effects of the fiscal cliff can be translated to a loss of 140,000 jobs due to a contraction in the economy by $16 billion. A further 114,000 unemployed individuals could lose their unemployment benefits. The end of tax breaks would be another burden to middle-income families.

Fact 7. In the short term, high insurance rates, high property taxes, and competition from other states for retirees could further dampen the economic future of Florida.

Fact 8.  In terms of migration, during the last 3 decades, there has been a net influx of migration by 50%.
Fact 9. There has been a boom in the building and occupancy of condominiums with less than 6% of  49,000 newly built units being vacant as of the 4th quarter of 2012.

Fact 10.  The population of Florida primarily constitutes migrants. In 1990, 30.5% of state residents were born in Florida as compared to the 61% for the nation as a whole. This has given Florida the title of being amongst America’s strongest immigration magnets.

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