Facts About Fitness

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The importance of being in shape cannot be stressed enough especially in today’s world wherein there are numerous health problems that have become prevalent. Taking care of one’s health is a necessary step in developing a safe and satisfying future for an individual. There are numerous interesting facts about fitness out there, and here is a compiled list of the top 10:


Fact 1: Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle is a proven way to increase one’s lifespan significantly.


Fact 2: Not only does regular exercise promote better physical health, it is also known to actually boost one’s mental capabilities.


Fact 3: Psychological experts have stated that looking at oneself in the mirror while exercising can help motivate the person to push themselves harder during the workout.


Fact 4: A little-known fact is that walking in water, against the wind, or simply wearing a backpack while walking can burn approximately 50 calories per hour, a simple yet very effective way to exercise.


Fact 5: Proper exercise can reduce the chances of developing cancer, but the catch here is that the individual must also have the proper amount of sleep.


Fact 6: It has been proven that a healthy mind and a healthy body come hand in hand. A person that performs regular workouts is shown to be in a more upbeat mood than those who do not.


Fact 7: Starting one’s day with exercise can give that person a boost in energy for the whole day. This is because exercise helps release endorphins into one’s bloodstream giving them that much-needed jumpstart for the day.


Fact 8: Thirty-five is the age when the bone mass starts decreasing. This is why exercise is more important during this time for both men and women to ensure their bone stability is not compromised.


Fact 9: Weight lifting and aerobics are two forms of exercise that can help increase the body’s immune system resulting in fewer trips to the hospital.


Fact 10: Having trouble sleeping? Try working out daily as studies prove that people who exercise regularly have better sleeping habits.


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