Facts About Fishes

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Fishes belong to the group of paraphyletic organisms. Such organisms have a working pair of gills and limbs which lack digits completely. Being such a huge group of aquatic organisms, the versatility that can be found in fished is mindboggling to say the least. There are a number of facts which are beyond interesting about fishes. While mentioning all of such facts may be beyond the scope of this article, we have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the conspicuous facts about fishes. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top ten interesting facts about fishes.

Fact 1:-

According to an estimate, the number of large fishes in the ocean are claimed to have been decreased by at least ninety years over the course of previous fifty years which is an element of great concern for the scientists working on the aquatic life.

Fact 2:-

While mammals normally have about one to six babies, fishes are capable of laying millions of eggs at once. However, the survival rate among the babies remains the same and thus, a fish does also have around one to six babies only like most of the other mammals.

Fact 3:-

Although the total number of species of fish are known to be around twenty thousand, however, it has been claimed by the scientists working on aquatic life that the actual number of species may greatly exceed the number since there are a number of species which are unknown as of now.

Fact 4:-

There is fish in deep water that is known as the Orange Roughy. The name comes from the fact that the fish turns orange when it’s dead. This implies that the number of people who have seen the fish alive is very small to say the least.

Fact 5:-

The evolution of fish has been way past in the history. According to an estimate, it has been claimed that fish evolved and emerged on the planet earth as early as around 450 million years ago. The claim implies that evolution of fish was way before the time when the planet was roamed by dinosaurs.

Fact 6:-

It is highly amusing to know that the total number of species of fish on the planet earth exceeds greatly to the total number of species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds combined. This is why the versatility in fish can be extraordinarily huge.

Fact 7:-

According to a recent estimate, around forty percent of all fish species can be found in fresh water. Despite of the aforementioned fact, less than 0.01 percent of the total water on planet earth falls in the category of fresh water.

Fact 8:-

The strong pectoral fins which are a feature of the spotted climbing perch enables it to crawl overland and fulfill all of its oxygen requirements from the air. This is a feature that is specifically confined to the spotted climbing perch and not found in most of the other fishes.

Fact 9:-

One of the largest fishes in the whole wide world are known to be the majestic whale shark. These fish have a unique capacity to grow as much as about fifty feet in length. Their weight may vary but is around 20 metric tons when they are fully grown.

Fact 10:-

Some of the fishes have a unique capability to swim backwards. Although there aren’t a huge number of species which are capable of performing such a miracle, however, the triggerfish may be one of the examples of such fishes which are capable of swimming backwards via utilization of special mechanisms.

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