Facts About Fireworks

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Fireworks have become a part of most celebrations and festivals all over the world. The sparkling lights and the amazing display of stars and garlands high up in the sky is unique and a sight to behold.

Fact 1 Beginning Of Fireworks
According to legends, the Chinese in ancient times were the first to use fireworks during festivals and also to ward off enemies during war. In 1608, Captain John Smith is believed to have taken these to Jamestown for entertainment purpose and to impress the Native Americans. History informs that the Chinese first made the fireworks during the 800s. They used bamboo shoots and filled them with gunpowder and then exploded them in New York with the intention of scaring away evil spirits. However, according to traditional beliefs Marco Polo brought the fireworks technology to Europe. Most people believe that it originated in China but were developed in Arabia or India as the use of fireworks has been prevalent in these countries from times unknown. In Europe they became popular during the 1300s when the Crusaders returned from the East.

Fact 2 Later Developments And Modernization Of Fireworks
Italy and Florence became the manufacturing center of fireworks during the 1400s. They used them as a part of celebration. The Italians crafted figures of plaster and inserted them inside probably the eyes or mouths of the models and during festivals these figures spewed bright lights and fireworks through them. In the 1700s, fireworks became a lavish affair and the royal families of Europe like Louis XV arranged for an elaborate fireworks display at Versailles and the Russian leader, Peter the Great, made arrangements for a fireworks show after his son was born that lasted for five hours. Fireworks were also used by those who settled in the American colonies as a way of celebration of special occasions.

At this stage fireworks made sounds that were enjoyed by all as simple gunpowder was used to manufacture them. Along with the terrific bang people could only see a golden glow. Gradually with the developments of technology and new inventions, people learnt to bring color to the fireworks. They discovered that if certain chemical compounds were used with larger amounts of oxygen, the fireworks would display brighter and colorful lights. The Italians around 1830s, added traces of different metals that burnt when they were heated and thus beautiful colors were created. Additives like calcium was used to deepen colors, titanium was added to create sparks and zinc helped to create clouds of smoke. It is not very easy to make the blue color and can be done only by using copper oxidizers. Orange color was easy to prepare but the temperature that was required to make them burst and glow together had to be very accurate. It became a great business that needed expert minds. Today 90% of fireworks are manufactured in China and are exported to various countries around the globe.

Fact 3 Uniqueness Of Fireworks
Most people believe in dreams and dream interpretations have become quite common nowadays. Dreaming of fireworks is also symbolic and it portrays enthusiasm, creativity as well as talent and the dreamer is fond of praises for his/her talents and wishes to be the center of attention.

Fact 4 Harmful Effects Of Fireworks
The elements that are used to manufacture fireworks are chemicals and gunpowder and such other items that are not at all safe for children or kids. They are a kind of explosives and accidents can happen any time injuring both the young and the old alike. Sometimes serious burns can be fatal. Hence care must be taken when fireworks are used during festivals and merriment.

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