Facts about Fictional Character Vladimir Tod

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A fictitious novel written by Heather Brewer, ‘˜The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod’ consists of stories written for children and adolescents. The fictional story is based on 13 year old Vladimir, the central character who is a half-human and half-vampire. Born of a human mother and vampire father, Vladimir is unique in nature and the plot revolves around how the 13 year old copes with the loss of his parents and having to deal with peers who bully him or is remarked at by his school principal.

Here are some facts that would shed light on Vladimir Tod’s life.

Before the birth of Vladmir, his father expected a deformed birth of his son because of having broken the Elysian laws that did not permit the union of a human and vampire.

As a child Vlad lived on bagged blood that was brought to him by his mother’s best friend Nelly who stole it from the hospital.

Vlad’s first best friend at kindergarten was Henry McMillan. He became Vlad’s drudge after Vlad bit him on being persuaded by the other boys in class when he had revealed his fangs by accident. All throughout, his only closest friend remains Henry.

He was raised by his aunt Nelly after his parents supposedly died in a house fire.

Vlad’s biggest bullies in school are Tom and Bill who often call him gothic while Brookstone is his secret crush since the third grade.

Typical descriptions of Vladimir Tod given by the author includes a pale skin, iridescent purple coloured eyes, dark hair with bangs and although awkward, he has a charm of his own.

Vladimir’s character is typically sarcastic. However, what makes him special is his caring nature, unlike any other teen of his age. Having undergone hardships at many levels from losing his parents to being chased by vampires, he has a sensitive nature.

Vlad being a Pravus (half-human, half-vampire) has many unique powers and characteristics common to both Vampires and Pravuses. Some of these superhuman powers include strength, mind control, vampire detection, levitation, telepathy, enhanced immortality, superhuman speed etc.

In the fifth book of the series, Vladimir’s father Tomas Tod makes a comeback. Since he is loved by Vlad a lot, he also forgives him soon. Nelly is killed by Tomas in the same book being drained of her blood when she tried running away.

Although Meredith remains a crush for Vlad, after a certain point they part ways with Vlad’s intention of wanting to protect her from him. They remain friends till the end of the series.

Vlad becomes closer to another girl named Snow and remains with her till the end of the series. Snow is aware of his secrets and accepts him that way and even helps him by offering her blood. Vladimir is once saved by Snow who almost loses her life after which Vlad transforms her into a vampire so that she can be by his side forever.

The novel is fast paced and also has instances of comic touches to make it light and interesting. Making use of the mythic vampire legend, Heather Brewer weaves a gripping series of novels that have a gothic touch to them and are entertaining and fun to read.

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