Facts About Fiber

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Out of many other food components, fiber is an insoluble kind of carbohydrate that the human digestive system cannot digest, but it is still a fundamental part of our system. Now the question is, why? Fiber acts as the sweeping tool to clean out our digestive tract. The following facts will explain the importance of fiber to the human body:

Fact 1:

Fiber is readily used to reduce weight! (Fun fact:  They take much more time for you to chew so you tend to eat slower, and they stay in the stomach for a much longer period of time so that hunger is not felt for a long time).

Fact 2:

A child needs fiber in a quantity of 5 grams of fiber including the age of the child while adults need 25 to 30 grams of fiber on daily basis.

Fact 3:

Based on research, it was revealed that Americans, unfortunately, have the least amount of fiber in their diet.

Fact 4:

Fiber is found only in plant-based foods. Dairy and meat products never have fiber in them.

Fact 5:

Insoluble fibers attach themselves to the waste in the digestive tract hence clearing the tract like a cleaning sponge.

Fact 6:

Some studies reveal that fiber has the ability to decrease the level of the testosterone hormone in the body which in turn inhibits any tumorous growths.

Fact 7:

Eating fiber has a drawback too! Consuming more and more fiber requires a higher water intake to keep the fiber moving along the digestive tract.

Fact 8:

Corn bran has the highest level of naturally occurring fiber content that is 22 grams in raw corn bran.

Fact 9:

Hippocrates (4th century B.C.) known famously as the ‘œFather of Medicine,’ discovered the use of fiber as bran to make it nature’s broom.

Fact 10:

Among the vegetables, cucumber peel is thought to be the oldest existing fiber source in the human scientific discovery history.

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