Facts about Feudalism

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A society based on hierarchy and agriculture where the majority serves the minority can be called ancient, primitive, outdated, and feudal. For centuries the system of feudal fidelity flourished in Europe and Japan until, like everything else, is was forced to change with the times. Here are some interesting facts about feudalism.

Fact 1: Feudalism is land in exchange for military and agricultural service and allegiance to the King and the local Lord or landowner. When war broke out, the men were expected to fight. In the meantime, peasants worked the land.

Fact 2: After winning the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror established Feudalism in England, although it had already been established throughout the rest of Europe.

Fact 3: Feudalism declined in Europe due in part to the Black Death, a plague that killed millions, and the switch from a land based economy to a money-based economy.

Fact 4: Most of the people in the feudal system were poor peasants who worked the land six days a week and were dead by the age of thirty.

Fact 5: Peasants were also called ‘œserfs’ and were considered part of the Lord’s estate, almost like a slave.

Fact 6: During the European feudal era, Kings believed they were given ‘œdivine right’ to rule, meaning they were chosen directly by God.

Fact 7: Within the feudal system of Japan, the Samurai stood at the top of the social structure right under the Daimyo, who were the large landowners.

Fact 8: Most Samurai served as bureaucrats during peacetime.

Fact 9: In Japan’s feudal system, the commoners were not allowed to have last names.

Fact 10: The outcasts of Japan’s feudal system were responsible for disposing of animal carcasses and executing criminals.

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