Facts About Fashion

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Fashion is what people fancy to be trendy and at par with modern ideas. Fashion keeps changing with time and innovations of fashion designers and the invention of new materials and accessories. What may be considered as the trendiest today may be pushed back as backdated just after a month or even just a week. Keeping in tune to fashion is really difficult.

Fact 1 What is fashion?

Clothes influence not only one’s life style but have psychological effects also. What you wear can change your moods. If you are happy and comfortable with your attires and feel that you are in tune to fashion trends, you feel confident and move along cheerfully. But if for any reason you feel that your clothes are not up to the mark and that you are out of fashion in a gathering, you immediately want to leave that venue. Fashion affects individuals greatly especially women who always wish to look elegant and attractive like celebrities.

Fact 2 Fashion is what celebrities wear

Most often, special designer attires are made by master tailors for renowned celebritiesand prominent figures. This becomes the trendiest apparel and fashionable individuals rush to purchase them at high prices. Fashion sways the minds of public who become simply crazy to get hold of a dress or a suit worn by their favorite stars. Fashion shows are held by designers to bring in something new to the market. These designer clothes for men and women are quite expensive as they are exclusively crafted by renowned designers. Those who are crazy about the latest fashion, purchase these clothes as a mark of status and style.

Fact 3 How fashion affect others

Fashion and style statement go hand in hand. What you wear creates an impression about your tastes and preferences. It also influences others and how they respond to you. The visual effects of the cuts and features of the attire immediately create an impression about your personality especially when you are at a social gathering or you are in for a job interview. Even when you are going on a date, your clothes speak a lot about you and it creates an impression that lasts forever for someone’s first impression is the last impression. Hence sense of fashion and choosing proper fashionable attires is very important.

Fact 4 Changes in fashion

It is an undeniable fact that fashion keeps changing every now and then. Nothing is there to stay forever. But there must be some decency as well as beauty in your apparels. Anything that is in fashion is not always good or appropriate for every situation. Would you attend a funeral in the stylish sleeveless, off-shoulder dress or the light blue suit that you have bought for the dinner party? Fashion implies wearing the right thing at the right time in the right place. Fashion is appreciated when it is appropriate in every way.

Fact 5 Selecting colors and designs in fashionable clothes

Fashionable clothes are available in innumerable designs, cuts and colors. The fashion of the 50s although outdated may be appropriate in a fashion show where you may be depicting that particular era. Similarly, there are certain situations when you need to choose the perfect shade and the right fashionable attire. If you wear red for a date, you will simply be adored by your man. A man will overcome his boss at an interview if he wears the right kind of interview suit that fits him well. The suit may not be trendy but if he can carry it well, it becomes his fashion statement and he becomes the boss.

Fashion is actually all about how you look and what brings out your personality and not the attire only.

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