Facts About Fall

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Fall or autumn is the season where the leaves of many trees fall off with the temperature getting colder and the days getting shorter.  In the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, fall is anticipated because it serves as the transition season between the hot summer and the cold winter.  The following are 10 interesting facts about the fall season.

Fact 1: Both men are women tend to have higher testosterone levels during the autumn months.  Peak testosterone levels are said to be reached during the autumn months and many scientists believe this is either due to the shorter sunlight exposure or to mating instincts.

Fact 2:  Fall or autumn babies are more likely to reach the age of 100 compared to babies who are born during other seasons.  In general, people born during the fall season are more likely to have a fit and healthy lifestyle which makes them live longer than other people.

Fact 3:  More auroras can be seen in the sky during the fall season.  NASA has even referred to the fall season as the “aurora season” because many beautiful lights secondary to geomagnetic storms are form during this period.

Fact 4:  Sperm count rises during the autumn season. Studies have shown that sperm count steadily rises as the temperature starts to drop at the start of autumn or fall season. When sperm count declines during the heat of the summer, studies have revealed that it will dramatically spike up during fall.

Fact 5:  Hair loss in women is more prevalent during fall.  Women tend to keep their hair during the hot summer months as a means of protection for their scalp.

Fact 6:  The green pigment in plants gives way to the other colors during fall.  This fact may be the most obvious one during fall which is highly anticipated because of the burst of colors from the different leaves and plants.  This phenomenon is basically brought about by the inactivity of chlorophyll which provides the green pigment in the leaves of plants.  Without much sunlight, chlorophyll will basically become inactive and this will allow the other pigments in the leaves to show off their beauty and this happens only during the fall.

Fact 7:  Children born during the fall months have a greater tendency to become more active and even athletic.  This is an exact opposite to those who are born around spring time.  Spring babies tend to be weaker and less active when they grow up.

Fact 8:  Fall season is pumpkin season.  Most of the pumpkin harvest happens during fall.  This explains why pumpkin pies and related products start to crop up during fall with the outer shells of the fruit being turned into lanterns for Halloween.

Fact 9:  Animals also change in various ways during the fall season.  The leaves in trees may change to different colors but the animals also undergo several changes as the season changes from spring to fall.  Some start to get fat in preparation for winter hibernation while others grow thicker coats for cold protection.

Fact 10:  Fall is also the time wherein many people get into a relationship or become engaged.  Based on Facebook status updates, it is common for people to have good relationship updates during the autumn months.

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