Facts about Eyesight

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Appearing as one of the most prominent features of the face, eyes are naturally beautiful. They seem simple and elegant but there are very interesting facts that reveal how complicated these little balls of vision are.

Fact 1:

Problems related to the vision are all curable and 80% of eye diseases are even preventable. (VSP, 2005)

Fact 2:

An important thing that one must know about eyesight is that vision is one of the biggest functions of the brain, involving almost half of the functional area of the brain. (VSP, 2005)

Fact 3:

Out of all the living beings, the cat has the sharpest vision. It can see clearly at even 2-3 feet from the face! (Nicky Westbrook, 2011)

Fact 4:

Surprisingly, a human eye has the ability to distinguish 500 different shades of the color grey! (Alterni, 2010)

Fact 5:

A sailor’s myth is that eyesight can be improved by wearing a gold earring!! (Alterni, 2010)

Fact 6:

An interesting fact about eyesight is that if there was only one eye instead of a pair of eyes then everything around us would appear to be two-dimensional. However, this cannot be experienced just by closing one eye! (Think Quest)

Fact 7:

It is impossible to see in opposite directions for a human being, but the eyes of a chameleon can see in opposite directions at the same. (Think Quest)

Fact 8:

Ever wonder how a newborn sees? He sees the world as upside-down! It takes some time for the baby to make out how to use his eyes. (Think Quest)

Fact 9:

A human eye is able to focus on almost 50 objects per second!

Fact 10:

An eye is the only part of the human body that functions at a hundrend percent 24/7 without rest! (Lenzomem, 2011)

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