Facts about Exotic Animals

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The term ‘œexotic animals’ is typically used for those animals which are illegal to keep as pets, but people commit this crime frequently due to their passion for keeping unusual and rare animals in their custody. Here are some interesting but shocking facts about exotic animals or exotic pets:

Fact 1: The term ‘œexotic animals’ is mostly used as ‘œexotic pets,’ and this is the way of adopting uncommon and often wild species of animals and birds as pets.

Fact 2: Keeping exotic animals as pets is considered a crime all over the world due to the life-threatening acts for both the animals and human beings.

Fact 3: The most curious fact about exotic pets is a large number of injuries and deaths for both exotic animals and the people who keep such wild animals at their homes.

Fact 4: People who commit the crime of adopting exotic animals as pets must know the reality that it is impossible to domesticate wild animals due to their typical environmental needs, diet, and social structure.

Fact 5: Today, the Internet has become the largest source for the exotic pet trade, and a large number of people are involved in the selling and buying of exotic animals by illegal means.

Fact 6: The number of human injuries and human deaths caused by exotic pets only in the United States according to statistics are 543 and 75 respectively.

Fact 7: The injuries and deaths of exotic pets occurring during the smuggling of these animals  to their buyers are 55 and 200 respectively only in the United States.

Fact 8: The most common exotic animals which people like to keep as pets are: bears, tigers and other big cats, elephants, some marine species, primates, reptiles, especially snakes and others like rare species of parrots and turtles.

Fact 9: Usually, the trading of exotic animals is illegal, but there are some countries which allow the adoption of certain species of exotic animals as pets. This legal trade is monitored by CITES.

Fact 10: Despite legal aspects, there are many health issues related to keeping exotic animals as pets.

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