Facts about Excretory System

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The human body is delicate yet intricate. All the systems in the body are well organized and efficient with their output at a hundred percent. One of the major systems of the body is the excretory system that is responsible for the removal of waste products from the body. There are many facts about the human excretory system which are very important to know. In this articles, ten such facts are highlighted which may be helpful in understanding the excretory system better.

Fact 1:

In the average lifespan, a normal human being pees almost 3000 times per year. (Weebly)

Fact 2:

16-20 ounces of urine can be stored in the bladder of an average adult human being! (Weebly)

Fact 3:

Some researches reveal that the amount of poop that an average person excretes in his lifetime is about 305 pounds. (Weebly)

Fact 4:

The urethra of a male is larger in size than that of a female in human beings. (Wikispaces)

Fact 5:

Unlike all the other body parts of which skin is a component, excretory system does not have skin as a part of it.

Fact 6:

Kidney stones most commonly occur in white males with an age of 30 years or more and the largest stone can be as large in diameter as a golf ball.

Fact 7:

It is estimated that the bladder of an average person takes in 7,850,000,000,000 gallons of fluid and passes it out through the urethra in the normal person’s lifespan.

Fact 8:

The biggest vein in the body is the vein that leads to the vital excretory organ, the kidney.

Fact 9:

On average, the kidneys can filter 1.3 liters of blood per minute. (Wikispaces)

Fact 10:

The urine is composed of just 5% bile and the other 95% is composed of water. (Wikispaces)

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