Facts about EWA Beach

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The beaches of Hawaii are beautiful, offering vacationers a memorable vacation that will last for a life-time. EWA beach is no exception as new-comers and locals gather to take in one of the most breath-taking views, of crystal clear waters on a sandy beach shore. EWA beach offers a rich cultural history.

Fact 1: EWA Beach contains a rich history of the Hawaiian Railway.

Fact 2: EWA Beach industries include: coffee, maritime, rice, and pineapple, sugar and ranching.

Fact 3: EWA Beach contains Hawaii Prince Golf Course, as one of the highest ranked attractions of EWA beach.

Fact 4: Coral Creek Golf Course offers locals of EWA beach, as well as new comers a challenging golf experience, as this is one of the newest golf course locations

Fact 5: EWA Beach is near the historical Naval Air Museum, Barbers Point.

Fact 6: EWA Beach contains the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, as well as the Honolulu Geomagnetic Observatory.

Fact 7: EWA is known for its sugar plantations during the 1900’s. EWA Beach contains a manager’s mansion, commonly part of the plantation community, located on Renton Road, which is one of several buildings located in that area related to the plantation era in EWA Beach.

Fact 8: EWA beach contains several parks, and include: EWA Beach Park, EWA Beach Community Park, and One’ula’ Hau Bush’ Beach Park.

Fact 9: EWA Beach is located southwest of the airport and Pearl City, offering tourists a more secluded environment, for those wishing to enjoy the entertainment and city life, nearby Oahu offers many events and attractions, with-in a short distance from EWA Beach.

Fact 10 EWA Beach was named historically by the locals, as legend states,’ one day the gods were playing a game called ula maika on the beach, when one of the stones rolled astray, terming the name of the beach EWA which means,’ astray.’

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