Facts About Eva Peron

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Eva Peron is one of those people of the world who has remained in the heart of her people for a long time even after her death. The people of Argentina cannot forget this kind and brave woman who used her power for the betterment of poor women. Here are some rare but really interesting facts about Eva Peron:

Fact 1: Eva Peron started her practical life as a stage, radio, and film actress in Buenos Aires at the age of just 15.

Fact 2: After passing 10 years of her practical life, Eva Peron met with Colonel Juan Peron for the first time in 1944.

Fact 3: Just after one year of her meeting with Colonel Juan Peron, she married him and proved to be a sign of luck for her husband as he became President of Argentina within just one year.

Fact 4: After becoming First Lady, Eva Peron devoted herself for the betterment of poor and needy women and used her power for labor rights.

Fact 5: The Fundación María Eva Duarte de Perón, later known as the ‘œEva Peron Foundation’ was established on July 8, 1948 by Eva Peron, and she was the first president of this foundation.

Fact 6: The aim of the Eva Peron Foundation was just to improve the life of poor women across the entire country and to help  the women to standion their feet.

Fact 7: The most notable fact about Eva Peron which was admired by her opponents was that Eva Peron worked hard for her foundation even up to 20-22 hours a day with no Sundays.

Fact 8: This was the result of the endless efforts of Eva Peron that the women of Argentina gained the right voting.

Fact 9: This was Eva Peron, whose endeavors made it possible to pass the Bill of Women’s Suffrage in the Senate.

Fact 10: On July 26, 1952 the kind lady, Eva Peron, said goodbye to this world due to suffering from cancer.

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