Facts About Europe

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Europe is a very small continent and the only continent that is smaller than it is Australia. The most common languages used in this area include English, German and French. Find other interesting facts about Europe here below.

Fact 1: Most European high schools offer alcohol in their cafeterias. Any student who wants to drink can be served with alcohol.

Fact 2: Each year, Europeans consume roughly 50 pounds of apples and they are considered very healthy people.

Fact 3: Although Europe has low rates of fertility, it still has a very large population of about 710 million people or approximately 12% of the total world population.

Fact 4: In certain European countries the McDonald restaurant also offers alcohol. This is meant to entice parents to have a drink while their children are eating other foods from the restaurant.

Fact 5: Europe has both the smallest and largest countries in the world. Russia is the biggest, whereas Vatican is the smallest.

Fact 6: Europeans are considered as very generous people. In fact, the top ten generous nations in the whole world with regards to charitable organizations and helping people in need are situated in Europe.

Fact 7: Adolf Hitler is commonly mistaken as German, while he was in fact Austrian. He was born in a small town known as Braunau am Inn.

Fact 8: Europe currently has the largest economy on earth. This is supported by the fact that the third largest economy globally is found in Europe, specifically Germany.

Fact 9: Even though Britain is part of Europe, it does not use the common Euro currency but the British Sterling Pound.

Fact 10: All through its history, the continent of Europe has encountered numerous wars such that more than 50 former nations were conquered and are not visible on maps.

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