Facts About Erosion


In geology, erosion is a complementary process that wears away rock materials, removing them from one area to another. Erosion occurs naturally through time. It is usually caused by water, wind, or gravity. However, certain practices of the human race have caused erosion as well.

Did You Know The Facts

Fact 1: The soil removed by erosion, known as surface soil, is the greatest amount of organic soil matter as it has the biggest biological activity among soil types.

Fact 2: Soil erosion also removes nutrients from the soil that plants can no longer grow at the sites of soil erosion.

Fact 3: Nearby water areas of soil erosion can accumulate so much plant growth which then causes lake eutrophication. Lake eutrophication is a condition where a lake has too many nutrients, and it can be dangerous to all animal life. All the fish and crabs and animal life in that lake will die.

Fact 4: Nearby water areas of soil erosion can accumulate so much plant growth which then causes algal bloom. Algal bloom is a condition where a water area contains too much algae resulting in a discoloration of the water in the area and killing all of its fish. Algal bloom is basically a dead zone where nothing except algae live.

Fact 5: Areas where farmers do their work can cover up the signs of water erosion making water erosion not readily visible to certain areas of croplands.  A loss of only 1/32 of inch may represent a 5-ton-per-acre soil loss.

Fact 6: Farmers often create waterways to deal with the problems of water erosion. These waterways are usually natural ones like creeks, depressions, or flats, natural drainage type waterways, or manmade types of waterways that can confine water levels to a specific site.

Fact 7: Erosion areas have many changes to their chemical compositions such as a powerful increase in  calcium carbonate. Greater chemical changes occur on the lower layers.

Fact 8: Rotating your crop formation or using forage as a cover are one of the few methods farmers use to avoid soil erosion.

Fact 9: There is a 40 percent less occurrence of soil erosion in America today compared to the 1990s. This is in thanks to the many benefits given by our technology and land programs.

Soil erosion is a natural process, but some human processes can also cause it.

Fact 10: The wind is able to move rocks or small particles by a process known as deflation and then cause soil erosion.

Fact 11: When a current in a body of water is so strong, subaqueous erosions may occur. This is usually common in the bottom part of deep bodies of standing water.

Fact 12: New minerals may be formed by erosion; carbon from coal, calcium carbonate from seashells, etc.

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