Facts About Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was a Nobel Prize winning author and an iconic 20th century American fiction writer. Hemingway was born on July 21st,1899 in Oak Park, Illinois.

Fact 1. In high school, Hemingway worked on the school newspaper, Trapeze and Tabula, writing about sports. After graduation, he went to work for the Kansas City Star where he cultivated a prose style of writing.

Fact 2.  During World War I, Hemingway worked as an ambulance  driver in the Italian Army. He was awarded the Italian Silver Medal for Bravery for his service.

Fact 3.  Hemingway sustained injuries during the war resulting in being hospitalized in Milan. He wrote the story, A Farewell to Arms,  based on his life experience when a nurse called Agnes von Kurowsky rejected his marriage proposal.

Fact 4. Hemingway moved to Paris and worked as a foreign correspondent for the Star after marrying Hadley Richardson in Chicago.

Fact 5. The novel, The Sun Also Rises, is considered to be Hemingway’s  greatest  work examining the disillusionment of the post-war generation.

Fact 6. Hemingway married Pauline Pfeiffer in a second marriage while working on his book of short stories called, Men Without Women.

Fact 7. Hemingway’s hobbies included big-game hunting in Africa, bullfighting in Spain, and deep-sea fishing in Florida.

Fact 8.  Hemingway, while reporting on the Spanish Civil War in 1937, started work on the book For Whom the Bell Tolls which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Fact 9. Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for the Old Man and the Sea in 1951.

Fact 10. Hemingway authored, A Moveable Feast, a memoir of his years in Paris. In his later years he retired to Idaho and battled declining mental and physical health. On the morning of July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in his home.

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