Facts About “Equestrian”

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‘œEquestrian’ is a kind of sport that involves the horse. It is a horseback riding competition in which the horse will be controlled by a rider to win a race. It is not just a simple runway for the horse because there are different obstacles that the rider and the horse will encounter before completing the race.

Fact 1: In  Roman history, ‘œequestrian’ pertains to the ‘œequites’ or the group of knights.

Fact 2: The female horseback rider is called ‘œequistrienne.’

Fact 3: Show jumping, eventing, and dressage are the three things which are included in the Olympic equestrian event.

Fact 4: Germany is known to be the country which is enjoying many successes in equestrian sports.

Fact 5: Denmark is one of the countries who joined the Olympics who has never had the opportunity to win a gold medal in the field of equestrian sports.

Fact 6: The word ‘œdressage,’ which is one of the events in the equestrian sports, came from the French word that means ‘œtraining.’

Fact 7: The dressage of the equestrian was inspired by the training of the European military cavalry.

Fact 8: The number of errors done by the rider is limited up to the fourth time. The first error will cause a deduction in the score of the rider by two points. The second error will have to be a deduction of four points, and for the third error, there would be a deduction of six points to the rider’s score. For the fourth one, the rider will be eliminated from the game.

Fact 9: There are also additional points for the penalty because the scoring will be made up of the score and the penalties of the rider. The first error is equal to two additional points in the penalty score. The second error has an additional four points, and the third error is equal to six points. The fourth one will be the elimination.

Fact 10: Disobedience to the rules and regulations of the game also plays an important factor in the scoring part.

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