Facts About Environment that Need to be Addressed Immediately

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The meaning of environment has been explained over and over again in various ways. It is the surrounding in which living beings survive. It is the blanket that surrounds the earth. It is the environment in which living beings and the natural forces develop and grow and also interact with each other. The interactions among plants, animals, soil, temperature, water, light as well as living and non-living things bring about great changes in the total environment.

Fact 1 Noticeable changes in environment

Recent changes in the environment have created a great stir among the entire living and non living world today. Global warming is one of the greatest issues that is changing the course of the world today. Melting of glaciers, avalanches, landslides, typhoons, earthquakes and floods in some places and droughts in others are all pointing to the changes brought about by global warming. Scientists are working on this subject to find out ways to reduce the increase of heat and save mankind from total destruction.

Fact 2 Pollution in environment

The most important topic of discussion nowadays is pollution. It is actually the process of making the environment dirty and the environment consists of land, water, air and others which are becoming unsafe to use. Contaminants that can be of various types are polluting the environment. Hence it has become very important to control such harm being done to the environment in which we live to save the Earth.

Fact 3 Kinds of pollution that effect the environment

Since environment is the sum total of everything that is around us, pollution can be sub-divided into land, air, water, noise, light and also thermal pollution. Although most often we speak about the toxic fumes and the smog hanging over the cities as polluting the air and environment at large, there are others that are not visible but are increasing the warmth of the globe. Throwing garbage and plastics all around, littering dirt and polluting water bodies, the smoke of cars and vehicles, excessive honking of cars and noise pollution are causing great harm to the environment.

Fact 4 How to save the environment

The measures of curbing global warming and reducing pollution to safeguard the environment have to be adopted both at the government level as well as personal level. The environment belongs to all mankind and it is the responsibility of each and every individual to do his part in his own specific ways. Driving and flying less, curbing habits of polluting the land and water bodies with dirt, garbage and plastics, avoiding use of plastics, using non-toxic products and recyclable materials, conserving energy, stopping deforestation and such other methods can be     taken up by the public on their own to save the environment in which we breathe and survive. The authorities in power should be strict and introduce positive measures to stop pollution and save environment.

Fact 5 Alarming effects of global warming on environment

Although the topics on global warming and environment protection are being discussed often, it is very important to take immediate measures to protect the environment in order to save the Earth for the effects have started showing already. Some of the impacts happening right now are:

  1. Melting of ice at the Poles.
  2. Rise in sea levels.
  3. Migration of various kinds of birds and animals.
  4. Increase in precipitation.
  5. Many species are on the verge of extinction.

If environment is not protected right now through intense positive measures, the effects will be even worse than what is being experienced presently like hurricanes, reduction of plant life, changes in life cycle of plants and insects, floods, droughts, diseases, change in eco-systems and extinction of some of the rarest of species of animal life like Polar Bears etc.

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