Facts About England

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A major world power, England  is a part of the United Kingdom and is considered the most populous and important country in the United Kingdom. The population of England is around 51 million. The territory of England includes 100 smaller islands such as the Isle of Wight. England’s neighbors include: Scotland, Wales, the Celtic Sea, North Sea, and the English Channel.

Fact 1.  Historically, there is evidence of an early, British civilization prior to England breaking  away from the European continent. Old structures, such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and Silbury Hill are testimony to the existence of a sophisticated and developed culture.

Fact 2.  England has gone through multiple rules by foreign powers , including the Romans. The history of England has shaped world history and influenced the political and economic landscape of countries on every continent.

Fact 3.   England ruled a vast empire around the globe and was referred to as ‘œthe empire on which  the sun never sets’ as the sun was shining on one of her colonies at any time.

Fact 4. The greatest iconic writer and poet of the English language is William Shakespeare who wrote 38 plays and 154 sonnets. His works are highly acclaimed even today and have been translated into almost all living languages.

Fact 5.  The remarkable fact about England is that although it is of such a relatively small size, England has managed to conquer and spread its language and culture throughout the world and, in return, receives a myriad of cultures from around the world.

Fact 6. The origin of the word ‘œEngland’ comes from ‘œLand of the Angels’ which was translated as ‘œEngla Land’ in Old English. ‘œAngels’ refers to an ancient Germanic tribe from an area known as the Angeln Peninsula in the Baltic Sea.

Fact 7.  The official national song and anthem is ‘œGod Save the Queen.’ This is also the Commonwealth anthem. Although there is no definitive record on the authorship for ‘œGod Save the Queen,’ one of the earliest composers was purportedly John Bull (1562-1628). The reference to ‘œQueen’ changes according to the gender of the ruling monarchy.

Fact 8.  The favorite dish of England is Chinese stir-fry, replacing chicken tikka masala. One in five amongst the English consumes a Chinese stir-fry at least once a week due to its ease of preparation compared to the traditional British fare.

Fact 9. In terms of ethnicity, an estimated 86% of the population of England is white with the remainder belonging to other ethnicities such as from the Indian sub-continent, West Indies, and Chinese.

Fact 10 . The most popular sports in England today are: rugby, cricket, and football. Cricket and football originated in England and are popular around the world especially amongst former colonies.

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