Facts about Engineering

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Wonders of science can never be denied. The world today is entirely dependent on science to survive. The most important of the field of science is engineering, holding the complete infrastructure of the globe. Here are some fun facts about this field of science.

Fact 1:

To start with, the word ‘œengineer’ comes from a related word in Latin which means ‘œcleverness’. (Science kids)

Fact 2:

The golf ball is an engineer’s invention which has small dimples on it to reduce the drag. This is the reason these balls travel farther in air than ordinary balls. (Science kids)

Fact 3:

Every year the United States of America discards or disposes of almost 220 million tons of computer hardware and other technological goods. (Reliable Plant)

Fact 4:

The first web-casted inauguration of the president of America was of Bill Clinton. Before that no inauguration had been put live on the web! (Reliable Plant)

Fact 5:

Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, is the person who received more U.S. patents than any other scientist. They were 1,093 in total. (Reliable Plant)

Fact 6:

The first ever laser beam was made in 1960 in the city of California. (Reliable Plant)

Fact 7:

An interesting fact about the field of engineering is that a snowboard is an engineer’s invention. It is a mixture of the techniques from geometry, bio-mechanics and chemistry. (NSPE)

Fact 8:

A spacecraft launched in space and securely landed back on earth is one of the greatest accomplishments of the engineering science. (NSPE)

Fact 9:

A bundle of animated and graphically designed movies that we see and enjoy on the TV screens are the outcomes of great engineering expertise. (NSPE)

Fact 10:

‘œThe Internet is the fastest-growing communications tool ever.’ The Internet reached an audience of 50 million in just 4 years; it tool TV 13 years and the radio broadcasters 38 years to do the same. (Reliable Plant)

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